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November 14, 2007



You SHOULD have posted "Brain Invasion" by Billy Joel's ATTILA, although I get a kick out of his ridiculous overblown vocals on "Holy Moses"-- the instrumental "Brain Invasion" lives up to its name.

Is this the band whose breakup so depressed Billy Joel that it inspired him to drink Drain-O in a failed suicide attempt? Ouch. If you think this is weird check out his earlier band "The Hassels" their pseudo-psych-prog LP "Hour Of the Wolf" is a trip too.

Resident Clinton

I was debating Brain Invasion, then left it out just because it was instrumental. But you're right: though not fully representative, it is probably the "best" cut on the album. Anyway, y'all can get the whole darn album anyway by following the Record Robot link.

Attila was indeed the band he was in when he tried to commit suicide - by drinking furniture polish - but it wasn't over music. It was over a love triangle with his bandmate's wife. There's a bit about it in Billy Joel's biography "Life & Times of an Angry Young Man" which, um, I didn't read...but did flip through one time when I was really bored.


I think there is another LP from this band where they perform prequels to what was to become "We Didn't Start the Fire." These were album-side jams one of which starts appropriately enough with the discovery of fire up through the fall of Rome. The flip side starts from that point up until the Treat of Westphalia. I understand they also released a limited single about the Diet of Worms which never charted. The B-side was an instrumental medition on Chaldean Astronomy. So there is a gap in the Billy Joel historico-compositional canon between the end of the 30 years war and right around the end of the second world war, where "We didn't Start the Fire" begins. It's possible there is some unreleased material or that this gap may be filled in future compositions.

Actually I'm kidding none of the above is true as pertains to Billy Joel or Attila.


that lbj phone conversation can't be real, can it?


Small world: I was also recently turned onto Boubacar Trauore thanks to the Tapes Form Africa blog, you can find the cd reissue on ebay, and amazon has several of his other cds.

It's funny to me that a lot of the people who like Holger Czuckay's early solo albums also hate the later Can LPs, when I have always considered them very similar (at least when compared to the aggressive early Can albums)-- "Cool In The Pool" is just as silly as "Can-Can" from the final Can LP. I'll bet the people who hate "Can-can" also own copies of those silly Perry & Kingsley LPs, and don't have a problem with them.


Thank you for the exquisite Cristina track. This is why I love this blog.

Dale Hazelton

I heard the LBJ phone tapes a couple of years ago, on NPR of all places. They musta kept the Oval Office pretty hot for his nuts to hang like he says....

Attila! Terrible music, sorta like a high school kids version of prog with all the solos. But the cover image alone is worth it. Wasn't Joey Levines "Life is a Rock" the prequel to We Didn't Start the Fire?


Axelrod used to occasionally write for the CTW - wonder if he had anything to do w/ the Lou Rawls (R.I.P.) track. Speaking of which, more here:

Dale Hazelton

Isn't the Rawls song actually called ABC-DEF-GHI, penned by Joe Raposo? I'm not an S.S. expert, so forgive me if I'm wrong.....


Thanks for this. I've been looking for that Cristina cover of "Is That All There Is" forever.
Now all I need to do is find a copy of Live At Raul's and I'm set.


Excuse me?
'Not the creepy one read by Michael Jackson' ?!? - Care to explain yourself.
In fact my friend...I order you to explain your VICIOUS intention.
Michael is the most loving, generous, humble, compassionate soul EVER.
He is TRULY worthy of reading this story to the children of the world.
THINK before you speak.
Bless you ♥

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