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November 20, 2007



Much as I enjoyed those Chadbourne albums ( sure were a lot of 'em), I found the best use was for when a party was ending and you had to drive out guests both wanted and not from the room. A side of LSDC&W was usually enough to get even the most hardcore mooch out of yer bong & bean dip.

Banjo? I'd say his weapon of choice was the electric rake/plunger. Glory, what a racket.


The Camper Van Chadbourne albums were really someting else.


Heh, I remember roping a bunch of my college friends into a visit to the old Knit to see Camper Van Chad. I can remember a very peeved looking Camper sitting at the bar, turnout was weak at best. I tried to chat them up a bit but the mood was so sour we split. The latter Monks of Doom lineup was incredible; one of those bands that really never did a good studio album save the first but were jaw droppingly good live. Did you know that Greg Lisher is a clerk at a video store now? Yeah, pretty sad. They were all first rate musicians, especially Johnathan Seagell.

Kip W

Don't forget the classics! Mr. Vess Ossman could pick with the best of them. There's a recording of him doing "Stars and Stripes Forever" on the archive too, but it's denying that they have anything that begind with "S" just now (and "R" too), so I'll give it up for the time being.


This is why Dr. Chadbourne is kewl: He once said to me, "hey, can you please get your foot off the speaker cable?" and I did. And then he started to play.


If we're going with classics throw Fred Van Eps, Harry Reser, and Papa Charlie Jackson in there.

Fans of more contemporary banjo may also be interested in Paul Elwood (played Chadfest at the Stone recently) who I had on my show back in August.



banjos and accordions, yo.

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