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December 07, 2007



How bout "Fuckin' Goofy" ?


Middle-aged electronica? Smooth techno?

furu inu

Why, oh why did I watch both those videos all the way through? Can someone please tell me that? Just how gullible can I get? I kept expecting something interesting, or startling, or a punchline, or something, anything but a caffeine reflux flashback of the bad old days of early MTV. As Paddy Roberts said, "Merry Christmas, you suckers."


Here's hoping "the Theremin" becomes America's hottest new dance craze.

The song could pass for a Miss Kittin and the Hacker b-side from 2001. Who knew electroclash would one day be repurposed as adult-contemporary easy listening?


Damn, is that Mannheim stuff recent? 25 years ago it would have fit somewhere between later DAF & the B52s, or side by side with M. But now? Whatever the genre is these guys also belong here http://youtube.com/watch?v=AkAhmH40kiM


I think I know exactly what's going on. One of my guilty pleasures is William Orbit, who might be described as New Age Techno. Even though I genuinely enjoy two or three of his tunes, I've always had the strong suspicion that his main musical motivation was getting girls. I suspect the same thing is going on here...

Kilgore Trout


Brian Turner

THAT'S it!


How about "MAMOA" (Middle Age Musicians On Acid)? They must be trippin'...

Jeffersonicus Diatomaceous Skate-Key

Mannheim Steamroller? I was expecting not to like it, but I did enjoy it. The video feels a bit 80's and the
whole thing feels Eurocheesy to me, but its not a bad flavor; Thank you.


it's so safe and watered down. your dad could really understand.

Jeff Phinney

Geritechno? Lawrence Welk for boomers?


I'd call it Thespian Rock, or Theatregasm. I kept waiting for the magic trick.


Pitching Woo


What tha. . .?

Wikipedia says that the brains behind this group, Chip Davis, was also responsible for creating the character of C.W. McCall and the 1976 CB radio-themed novelty hit "Convoy."

And here's the capper:

"In 1990, American Gramaphone Records [Chip Davis' label] issued a CD containing a number of old McCall tracks re-recorded for the digital CD age, plus a new song, "Comin' Back For More", which was inspired by Alferd Packer, an alleged cannibal from the 19th century."


What's worse - that I actually played that video multiple times or that I did the kibbakibbakibba in the privacy of my own home?


I don't know bout you guys, but if I had to, I'd file this under "New Wave".
I might put a tag on it somewhere that said something like, "...caught in a time warp"


all i know is that mannheim steamroller got his start doing stuff for bose to show off the range of their stereo gear. hence a lot of audiophiles were all like fufufufufufufufufufuuf let's get this album with our new $10,000 dollar stereo systems because it's the 80's and we are drunk with power and high on cocaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Brian Turner

Well said.


I second K. Trout's motion to call the genre "kibbakibbakibba".
Yes please.


This first video strikes me as somehow Eurovision... say something on a German "Schlager/Volksmusik" variety TV show. So I'd file this under "Schlager-Techno".


A new genre name? Well, what do you get when you combine ponderous with "poderoso", Spanish for "powerful"? Ponderosa!

Chris R.

It's just electronic dance music at the end of the day.


I don't have a suggestion, but the first song made my kitten leap from my lap onto my face, claws extended.


I know where this fits. There is a catagory already. Vanity Projects, or maybe Mid-Life Crisis. When I saw this video my first thought was "Chip has a new girlfriend" and she was like "I wanna sing a song" but she spoke it instead. This video pales in comparison to the christmas ones. Especially "Little Drummer Boy" or the yellowy polaroids of "Bring a Torch". You'll wish some one HAD brought a torch. Pay close attention. There is a quiz afterwards....

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