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December 14, 2007


Rory Murray

If I ever hear "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" one more time I'm gonna puke!
As for my take on the matter of Christmas tunes, check out www.themadmusicarchive.com
and my song, "Manic Depressive Christmas".
THanks and Merry Christmas!

Dr. Benway

I always loathed Wonderful Christmas time... try listening to the NBC cast of West Wing's version, and you'll take hatred to a new level.


I think probably my favorite is Wayne Butane's mash-up from a few years ago. Especially the dude trying to get through the Preparation H ad. And, lame and as overplayed as it is, I'm still a sucker for "So This Is Christmas" or whatever it is by John Lennon.

I really liked "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as a kid and could still stand it through early adulthood. But then I saw the animated "special". Sweet fucking Jesus.


thanks for the tunes. "little drummer boy" always got to me...magic 7 has a great version. back in the 70s, one of 2 disco versions was a fave as well. happy hippy holidays!


based on the fact that he released a Christmas record in 2004 he seems to have converted to Christianity somewhere along the line.

Not necessarily; many of the most classic Christmas carols were written by Jews.

Of course, if his mother was the Native American he might never considered himself Jewish. Does it really make a difference?

Brothers Zoto

I am not sure that most people understand, but Holiday music is all I have. It is the blood that runs though my heart and makes me understand the connection between ritualism and commercialism; object and talisman; a dead tree and a living tree; a voice and a song; a foot and a fist; vinyl and mp3, death and memory; love and meaning; and listening and playing. Here is a jigger full of joy for you all.


"Fairytale of New York," by the Pogues, is hands down my favorite Christmas song.


Stina Nordenstam's "Soon after Christmas" and "Christmas in Waikiki" by Morgan are among my many faves. But I love that 'Mary of Hooter's' picture! Thanks for introducing me to Ed Mironiuk.


I miss KBCs Christmas tapes... I don't see any in the archives. I have a bunch I could send in as CDs if you like.


John L

Jim Plotkin

Ned Muffleburger rules! Glad to finally see something in print about this most insane and sincere of Christmas albums!
Thanks for the great blog!

david pride

Ned Muffleburger was a pleasure to work with. When I got the call to see if I was available to play clarinet with him I was honored. To say that he is a New England legend is an understatment, Ned is a savior and a futurist. The Santa's Sac album is a christmas blessing to all and I hope everyone enjoy's it.



Anything by the Kabalas, and Chinese kids choirs.

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