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December 24, 2007


Anon (sorry, but I want to be anonymous for this)

Meh. I already pulled this exact stunt, twenty years ago. I was working in Poland as a teacher. While I was spending the summer at home in South Florida I made some extra money by working in a dress store. A little old lady came in one day and started boasting how she was born in Lodz and she was a poet. She paid for her purchase with her credit card. After she left I looked up her address in the phone book. Several months later I sent her a postcard from Lodz, congratulating her on her poetry, and added that Lodz missed her. I signed it "the Mayor of Lodz" and asked one of my friends to add a translation in Polish. I would have loved to see her face when she got the card ;-) And I did it for free.

Andrew Mitchell

That story for the Glen Beck fan postcards thingy. I've got some emails ive sent/recived replys for. If you'd like me to forward them to you. That "Glen Beck Fan" is a real pompus bitch. I mean seriously... Je... wont say that today (25th) but shes really psychotic.

Resident Clinton

I totally want to see your Glen Beck Fan emails!

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