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January 06, 2008


Zach in Philly

Great Track (in part). I love the Synth + Piano + Percussion interplay. And I have no clue what it is. Sounds like something Tony Coulter would play. Good Luck Everyone!!

Dan B

sounds like einsturzende guitar with piano from a bauhaus tune


i would say the blitzoids, but i'm not sure


Not Blitzoids, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, or Bauhaus. Keep the guesses coming!

Hell's Donut House

Sounds like Cheer Accident detuning Hawkwind's instruments while covering "Welcome To The Machine."


Dissevelt & Kid Baltan? But where is that acoustic piano coming from?




Bob Seger?


the residents with philip glass and elliot sharp

Grandpa Scorpion

Renaldo and the Loaf?


Good guesses (it does sound like Bob Seger, doesn't it?), but no hit yet. Maybe it is time for a hint: The band was a duo from Japan, and this is their (extremely rare) first album, recorded in 1979, released in 1980. Their second album was later reissued and appeared on one of WFMU's Heavy Airplay lists.

Hell's Donut House

Pink Lady?

Grandpa Scorpion

Hall and Udon?


I'm guessing it's by Dada from the album Jyo

Pat Harper



Chage & Asaka?

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