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January 22, 2008


Not present

I decline to describe the cicumstances, but I witnessed at close range someone who was Tasered--not the dart-type object, but the thing that resembles an electric razor. There was no direct skin contact made, yet flesh burned, and the subject dropped to the ground in agony. This is what electronic manufacturers want to distribute?


Tasering someone probably kills the batteries, so maybe carry a shuffle besides.

Khazar Kaganovich

It is quite possible that this Mossad agent from the Jewish Khazar tribe planned to attack the Neturei Karta and harm other anti-zionist jews, please see www.nkusa.org, http://iamthewitness.com …

Its really a divine mercy that he was caught in this way by his own mistake.

We will see, in the coming days, the zionist-neocon establishment trying to put a spin on this story. We already see that NY Times has hidden this story away from the front page on their website.

It is amazing that the police had 20 detectives working on this graffiti case, but for normal serious issues, they dont devote any man power to investigations. And despite that they FAILED to catch him. This is the height of incompetence of these and the FBI (FAILED BUREAU of INCOMPETENTS) which has not produced the anthrax mailer or made a categorical statement based on the pattern of anthrax letters that it was a false flag operation by non-mozlems.

Listener Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Glad you like the biathlon, DJ Bronwyn. Myself, I liked watching curling. But I think it's just because I enjoyed listening to Don Duguid and Don Chevrier so much.

By the way, how'd you like the way they made the biathletes ski around a penalty loop when they missed shots at the last Olympics instead of just adding seconds to their times?


Ha! I just saw a Second City show in Toronto and they had a commercial skit about the LadyTaser: a taser/mp3 player combo.

Hippie Zingo

"My favorite Olympic sport is the biathlon, which combines skiing with shooting great big guns."

Just for the record, they're not "great big guns," they're just .22 caliber target-shooting rifles, which are comparatively small. I mean, you still wouldn't want to get shot by one, but it's not like it would "blow your head clean off" as Dirty Harry famously said.

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