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January 15, 2008


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Okay, this is truly scary but I can't help thinking: what if ol' Tom is actually a genius and is weaving a performance art piece that will span his adult years? In this video, he's either totally loony or pulling off a pretty good, but not brilliant, performance. What if he is planning some unbelievable project that involves, who knows? exposing the banality of religion in general and Scientologist craziness specifically?....naaaaaah, never mind.


I can't handle the truth.


Well. . . I thought the video was kinda boring (but then I only got about 1/2 way through-- is there some mind-blowing weirdness at the end where he thanks Xenu for all Xenu's help?)

Every time I hear about another celebrity finding Scientology I lose respect for them (except Beck-- I lost respect for him because his records keep getting more and more boring.) I guess that makes me prejudiced. But hey, it's not immoral to be prejudiced against idiots, and face it-- if you pay money to receive enlightenment from a guy who wrote sci-fi novels and whose biography is filled with self-aggrandizing lies, you're an idiot.

Just ask Xenu.


Why do they use a modified cross as their symbol? Scientology is a "new" religion that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity and there is nothing in it that has even any vague connection with a cross. It seems clear that the only purpose is to appropriate the symbol of an "accepted" religion.


After viewing about a third to a half of that thing it seems like he's really within a standard deviation of nuttiness common to most religions. Are you going to tell me there are not other folks making the kinds of claims he does about their own mythologies?
Like most religion this kind of reminds me of the pep-talk the supervisor gives you before your first telemarketing sift. Hmm, or should I say; like most Tom Cruise, it reminds me of the pep-talk the supervisor gives you before your first telemarketing shift?
If I watch it to the end do I win a scratch off?


I used to work at a movie theater. One time, a customer said I sort of look like Tom Cruise. So I handed over her medium popcorn and said, "Thank you."

I used to think that little episode was about bad eyesight brought on by the popcorn-jones. Now I know - we were creating new and better realities and improved conditions! A Scientologist DOES... stuff


@bartleby: Yes, you win a scratch and sniff sticker, but it's at the bottom of a swimming pool.

@ryan: When I lived in Alexandria, VA., over about a 1&1/2 year period, no less than four total strangers approached me and told me I looked like Michael Moore. Talk about a blow to the self image. If I'd really believed them, I would've gotten a total body transplant.

@everybody: I'm hoping many people are still aware of Scientology's (allegedly former) connections with Robert DeGrimston and "The Process Church Of The Final Judgment".

Krys O.

Pat, I'm with you. Maybe Tom and the other celebutard Scientologists are really just pulling the wool over their own eyes in a last gasp of Subgenius-dom. Nah.


Regardless of Mr. Cruising for a Bruising's intent, the speech makes great sound collage fodder.

Dale Hazelton

Any person sitting there discussing the tenets of Catholicism would be frightening, as well.....


Nutty, yes. But he's not hurting anyone. And seems to want to make the world better. So what? Huckabee wants to "amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards". That fucker is crazee.


What is going on with Tom Cruise and his Scientology video? Cocky, arrogant or all-knowing? Taken down from YouTube, see it here.

This is a link to the smarmy TMZ.com news story on the video. - ed.


When I read our blurb for buzz feed, I read Mansons for Masons. I think Manson indoctrination videos would be funnier to watch.


When I read our blurb for buzz feed, I read Mansons for Masons. I think Manson indoctrination videos would be funnier to watch.


They know that their history has never started and therefore a future is not there. The sadness of knowing it combined with the realization of failure must be taking its toll one way or the other. I feel sorry for them.

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