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January 04, 2008



The Friendly in Carney's Point, NJ in the middle of nowhere, not near the fetid hyperviolent nowhere that is Philadelphia.
Best thing about the Friendly, its godawful gothic script sign that reads "Freinaly Tavern" owing to poor execution.


Did you go inside Lucy the Elephant at Margate?

Zach in

Word, Yo/Lex10.
That Sadies track, "Sunset to Dawn," kicks it with the knee where it counts -- oh! (That's good, btw:-)
That Luis & The Wildfires track, "Gonna Leave," pulls the tah-wang *dang* from my mein vein -- woah!
Looked for "Hixville" at http://wfmu.org/searchadv.php and got nuthin' ... where can I FIND IT (asked the blind man to the see sick sailor)?
Here's hoisting another one to the amazing Todd-o-Phonic Todd (and wondering, endlessly, if he's the same Todd I met at the WFMU Marathon a couple years back ...)
Going to have to check out that Friendly Tavern!

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