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January 10, 2008



I'm afraid Norris will have to be Secretary of Defense ... Huckabee's already named his VP.


True that! But he could always change his mind if the votes start slagging (Colbert is shifty). Nah, you're right, Norris would be more "effective" as Secretary of Defence. How do we stabalize Iraq? Send in the Delta Force!


I think people should look at history at which governments had the most kitsch appeal and then ask themselves if that is what they want.

Alison Randall

Oh, Chuck Norris stands for the religious right, all right...for those in the know.

After all, he "writes" a blog for World Net Daily.


Scott McCoy - supersoldier!!!!

Ben SWank

Dude, your posts ALWAYS rule. Someday we're gonna drink brews together and watch The Baby.

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