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January 23, 2008



yeah, jesus....youtube's really becoming a singular resource for this stuff. tho it's basically even more heartbreaking to witness the idiopathic fucktardery of commenters than the vids themselves, if you can blot that shit out of your awareness, it's truly astonishing to be able to actually see, like, wernicke's aphasia as soon as you can type it in. just incredible.

joe nathan

Some of the commentors were VERY inappropriate and uncouth with their comments, absolutely. There was totally no need for one or two of them especially on the Heather, James Bond and DID videos. Even I (as open-minded as I usually pride myself on being) have often fought with the validity of DID but nothing even remotely in scope like the really juvenile commentors. MOST of the comments were actually fairly substantive--or, if written by teens or younger adults, at least civil--but, yeah, a few of them stepped a little too far over the line of common decency.

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