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February 08, 2008


Paul Simononymous

Sweet fancy Moses, I almost fell off my chair laughing when he started singing. (Around 4:50 in.)


Don't forget who you are / Yer a r'n'r star!


I definitely prefer his 12 string work to his 6 string abilities.

Ed Word

I loved when you played this on your show awhile ago. When was that I cant seem to find it? please tell me I didnt just imagine that!


Hi Ed! Thanks, glad you dug it - yeah, I played it here.


Oh, come on. His chops are actually pretty good. And honestly, is his voice any worse than Geddy Lee??? Yeah, play the original again ( you know you still have a copy ). Am I right?


Can't wait for his version of "Bytor and the Snow Dog"


i think i'm going bald.

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