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February 19, 2008


Gaylord Fields

Pseu, what most impresses me about the photo is seeing that God sent down a sunbeam with which to illuminate you (and/or your hat).

Ed Word

Or is it Pseu's head which is producing such great incandescence?

tony rettman

I'm guessing you heard about Cliff Burtons' death in a more 'mature' surrounding than I did.That same day (9/27/86) I saw Agnostic Front + The Circle Jerks at City Gardens. I remember Roger Miret dedicating AF's set to Cliff B + then telling the crowd of his demise. There was a split second of remorse + reflection before the whole place turned into a big ole pit of mindless violence + chaos. Wudda way to mourn...


Scott Frampton (two rows back from Pseu's right) seems very upset about the emanating light.


everyone was better looking back then. memories.


uuhh, actually "everyone" was only *younger* back then. Viva la difference!


I never noticed how much Steve Albini said "What's the deal" before...

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