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February 18, 2008



DJ nightmare also expands to college-newspaper-staff-writer nightmare. I recently dreamed the night before a deadline that I left unfinished TWO articles that week and I missed deadline because I helped some randoms guys build a scale model of the G.W. bridge in the science building. Moral of my subconcious; I loathe journalism.


I had this dream, see, that all the cows were flying around, see, & then as I'm talking into the mic, see, this girl comes over to somebody elses house, see & she keeps saying things like: "See, I told you not to even try..."

Doug of Canada

I have DJ nightmares frequently ... they almost always involve being at the station and never quite being able to find something to play next, so that there's constant dead air while I frantically look around for anything that I might play. This goes on for ages and I never manage to get it together.

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