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February 26, 2008



Nothin' new - this one guy's been carpet-bombing Manhattan with these flyers for years. (I recall seeing him written up in the press once or twice.) At the West 4th St station (A/C/E/B/D/F/V) 3rd St entrances there's these long passenger walkways with billboards along both sides of the walls. You can often see the posters on the billboards purposefully peeled halfway off the wall with crumpled copies of these flyers stuck to the backing of the poster that's hanging loose. That's one way to break through the ad clutter!

Don Buddin

Allow this "grammar geek" to point out to you that the correct grammar is " . . .for Maria Levitsky and ME . . ." Let she who is w/out sin etc.


Dilute! Dilute! Rabbi Hillel taught carpenter Jesus the moral ABC which unites all mankind on spaceship earth! Do not get in eye!


This sort of flyer is part of the "Housing A Constitutional Amendment" campaign in New York.


Can one imply through this that the automobile industry is responsible for missing children with AIDS? I knew it!!!

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