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February 20, 2008



So if celebrity sex tapes are played out, what will fill that void? Maybe grainy videos of celebrities playing a pleasant, relaxing game of scrabble or nine men's morris with their significant other.


ohhh, that video. points to whomever dubbed in "i wanna know what love is."

gene vs terry gross 2002: http://erim.net/misc/GeneSimmons_TerryGross.mp3


I saw the photo stills. Gene couldn't have looked less interested in what he was doing. In one he's splayed out on his back with the woman on top of him. His T-shirt covering his blobby torso with one arm hanging limply off the side of the bed. I never in my life needed to see that.

Sangamo Pinksnake

Allz I know is that, if it meant in return I got just one night of hot passion with Sara Michelle Gellar or whatever, I'd totally let Gene Simmons give me a blow job. But he'd have to wear his kiss makeup, of course.

Dale Hazelton

Couldn't be any less classy. The fake boobed young lass who refuses to kiss him, his Ron Jeremy paunch and hairstyle....Just embrassing for everyone -- viewers especially.

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