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February 17, 2008



did you catch who wrote the theme, produced and did some of the voice work for Normal Norman? none other than N. Paul Stookey (a.k.a. "Paul" of Peter, Paul & Mary fame). far out...

tomb urges

Stookey's production of Norman Normal was given a bit of advance notice in the pre-metal Hit Parader of '67-68. I considered myself a very fortunate fellow for having stumbled into the right Columbia Missouri theater on the right weekend and actually seeing Norman Normal on the screen. The rest of the audience seemed impervious to the kismet

Dale Hazelton

I was all set to comment about the N. Paul Stookey connection. Norman Normal just rocks! I wonder how they managed to sell it as a children's cartoon. Same year as "The Graduate". I wonder who influenced who....

Here's some more fun:

malisa king aka misty lynn

i have not heard of tubby boots in years , do you have more info? i knew him in miami in the late 50"s early 60"s. would love to see more malisa king aka misty lynn

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