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February 01, 2008


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We are building wyplanet on friendship and music. Wyplanet beta site launches in a few days sign up for a free beta account today and become a part of our neighborhood. www.wyplanet.com

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King Daevid MacKenzie

...sounds like somebody's still ticked that Jane was right ;-) ...


my old buddy del and that cool hat making woman whose name i forget.these are my pals from boulder colo int he 80s.iceplants
relocated to colorado from san diego in prolly 84.i was in sister
band Doll Parts and we toured the west coast together in 86 or 87.
their politics were always pretty confusing, i remember del saying
he wanted to join the national guard and i've always thought of
50 year old del in riding around iraq in a humvee...
but to call these folks fascist would be wrong and in the boulder
of new age sappy-crappy boringness they were the best! i really
loved this band and they were the real thing!

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