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February 06, 2008



WPKN forever!!!!!!


wpkn viva!

good lookin,Dave!

Kimberly Massengill

Though I'm still on staff at WPKN, the shlep from Manhattan has kicked my ass, too. Someone there got pissy with me once for calling it the 'FMU of Bridgeport, but I do see it as a more than able outpost, limited only by its distance from NYC and its complete lack of a gallery of velvet paintings. The similarity is no wonder. When I did an hour on WFMU a few years ago, I learned of all the DJs the two stations have shared in common.

I, too, miss the library (complete with a "Thou shalt not steal" poster), the wildly sophisticated listeners, and the cast of on-air characters. And Harry. Never noticed the Caesar salad stain, though. But I'm sure it's still there.

The photo of that yellowed AP item taped to the dated notebook paper belongs in the Smithsonian. Thanks for the affectionate look back, Dave.


I was librarian at WPKN 1967-1969 and plead guilty to setting up that chronological order library with the card catalogue. It made more sense than shuffling thousands of records around just because there were a lot of releases in a week by acts whose name started with the letter "C".
In 2004, I returned to the studios after 30 years, found the 1968 area, randomly pulled a LP and came up with:

The AP machine is gone. The space behind the racks now filled with bottled water and cans of coffee:


nice pick.... will have to check to see if that LP's still there next time i'm there for my show (4th sundays 10pm-2am! former time slot of davo, who also posted a comment in this thread!)... except that the lp's have recently been moved around a bit, so that rack of lp's in that picture is right when you walk into the library from the tally room.
card catalog's still there tho!!!
and i still use it sometimes to look for lp's that somehow aren't in the 2 phonebook sized printout catalogs listing the contents of the library.
also, the carpet in fm was replaced a few years back, so maybe the caesar salad stain is gone... maybe....
and also, i live in jersey and i still do a show at pkn every month! and i don't have a real job yet! i don't know how i manage to do it!


Oh Boy.

You know, it ALL started for me with WPKN. I started listening around 1981. I would stay in on Saturday and Sunday nights to listen to Brad Morrison. The Saturday show was called "Capitol Radio" The Fall, Crippled Pilgrims, The Passions, that guy set the stage for everything that still matters to me. I have volumes of air checks from that show. Remarkably that 10KW of power made it all the way down to Lindenhurst, NY (Ask Chris T.)

I was crushed to find out that I could not get the PKN signal in NJ, so I had to settle for another station, WFMU. Whatever.

To this day, I occasionally Google Brad's name to see how he may be doing. And to think the Spazz was there only makes it that much sweeter!



Dale Hazelton

You guys have me salivating, but the religious broadcasters own those frequencies by me. I'm s.o.l....


I miss the old teletypes. One bell--no big deal. Four bells--big story. Ten bells--the apocalypse. The AP NewsDesk software just doesn't convey the drama.

Dave, are you still producing the Ahunka Elvis booklets?

I have always loved the random discoveries made possible by the chronological library.

Brad Morrison

Hi Yazoo,
So you're the guy that keeps googling me! The hair on the back of my neck stands up every time you do it. I guess that that is better than the ear ringing I used to get. Wow, what a thrill after all these years to hear that someone, was listening. I just started a facebook page for the show to see if any of my listners actually exist or remember. I would love to hear those airchecks. I only have two or three left. I believe most of my hundreds of airchecks got trashed when I moved in 89.
Thanks for listening all those years ago............
Brad Morrison
PS I have a facebook page and a myspace page. Contact me I would love to hear some of those airchecks.

Fran Fried

Well, Dave, your legacy lived on for a long time after you left -- I forget just how long your Sea Monkeys poster was taped to the wall of the air studio; I think well into my exile in California in the mid-2000s ...

But I never knew that Chamenko story. I can't believe he lived to talk about it. God knows what's been on that floor ...

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