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March 24, 2008



pink jellybeans worse than black? are you NUTS?! i detested licorice as a kid, but now i like black licorice,even good and plenty- but black beans are the worst kind of fake licorice. i think maybe in a few brands, the pinks were maybe clove flavored? but most of the time were a flavor i can only call 'fruit sweet'. not really strawberry, not really cherry.

a bad part about growing up in the humid south was by the time you woke up to your easter basket, most of the candy had fused to the easter grass, or cross contaminated their own colors and dyes.

my cartoon(s) of hate were woody woodpecker and chilly willy. they were on when i came home from school. and with 3 working channels, it was either that or the last soap of the day.

i'm guessing you like the black jujyfruits too? figures. working at a theater was a blast, scraping up the spat-out black jujy fruit stuck to the floor- because eating candy in the dark is like playing russian roulette when you hate licorice, as most folks do, as well as being too dumb or hungry yto hold the candy up to the screen to detect the color first.


white jellybeans to me always tasted like lysol-flavored carpet.
those orange-wrapper peanut-butter-inspired toffee-like thingies were always at the bottom of my halloween pumpkin...at which point i discovered, yet again, that they were actually not so bad when they are the only thing left.

Listener T.

Hey, Bronwyn,
Nice seeing you againĀ®. Listener T. here. It's funny that you say that about Sluggo and Huckleberry Hound. Some friends of mine and I had a conversation some years back about that exact phenomena: the hours spent watching absolutely horrible unfunny, soul-crushingly boring cartoons. That was the same take that we had: that it was a JOB, and you just had to clock the hours. It never occurred to us that we could NOT watch, that we could do something else. It was simply what we as suburban pre-teens were expected to do, and we did it and we were paid in malaise and ennui. I find it hard to fathom that there are at least two networks given over all or in part to those same cartoons. I tried watching "The Herculoids" the other night and whatever ill-begotten sense of nostalgia it may have induced initially was obliterated within the first minute as I was re-exposed to some of the worst animation and lamest voice acting ever inflicted on an under-aged viewing public. You truly couldn't pay me enough to watch this crap again.

Listener Mike D.


This blog post gives a whole new dimension to that three minutes of delightful, gut laugh producing madness you have played over the years. Do the children really want to watch cartoons that desperately, or are they merely conforming to the social role that has been placed on them to enjoy cartoons because they are children? Perhaps the ferocity of their screams/demands masks the depth of the true hatred they have for cartoons.

As far as adults go, while it is true that we have more freedom than children, I see so many adults around me who squander that freedom and still conform to social roles and expectations, perhaps more tightly than ever. Maybe because we are indoctrinated, via candy and cartoons and other such things, as children to conform. Interesting post, Bronwyn, as always.

PS: I love springing "I WANNA WATCH CARTOONS!" on people at the strangest and most inappropriate times. Their reactions are always priceless, and when they inevitably ask where I found such a thing, I point them toward your show and FMU in general. I've converted a few people into the Cult of FMU via this method.


more candy-flavor-color madness:
i notice now that i arrange or sort my candies by color, and yeh- i eat the 'bad' ones (lemon, orange- whatever) first saving the grapes or cherries or 'good ones' till last. I NEVER did this as a kid, but i think it's a developing OCD of my adulthood. I even do it with the aforementioned good and plentys, which of course taste the same whether white or pink.

thanks for a very memory dredging and self-reflecting blog today!


marshmallow bunnies always taste better when extremely stale. Leave them in the box for 6 months and they age to perfection. chewy and crunchy.



I will have to admit that easter is possibly the root of my lifelong love of eggs.

Keep the crappy candy - we would boil 4 dozen eggs, color em', hide em', and then spend the next week eatin' em'. Deviled, egg slad, or just a little salt.

And then 3 weeks later find the ones we missed.....


i too, love dae joyoung.

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