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March 14, 2008


Chris T.

I can't wait until Bjork remixes this...

...and is it me or would this be a great number for next year's Hoof & Mouth?


I can't tell if this is serious.

Emily O

Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this


the Jan Terri of Iceland...


Leoncie VIDEOS!?!? You have made my week!!


This is christlike. Thank you. "Cheap sexxx".




I'm making a donation to the station. Like right now.

Keep up the outstanding work.


Here lyrics are just as deep as Bono's are.


Oops. I meant to say "her".


"Leoncie enjoys working with Professional, Excellent Musicians and sound engineers who have a Positive outlook on life and Music,and avoids Racists,Satanists,and Warblers like the plague..."


Killer keyboard solo. Yeah, rock on!


I just watched all of her Youtube videos. I am converted! She's just like Leslie Hall but without irony. Now if only Basshunter would do a techno remix of Sex Crazy Cop, I'd be in heaven!

Jonathan Steinke

Oh! That video got me right here, right here in the heart. Enthralling...!


Glad you liked my review from youtube. Views are up, keep spreading the word!

Aria Alagha

Leoncie will be playing at THE GOLDEN LION in king's cross on friday the 6th of June 2008, 8:30pm, this is a free event and her first UK performance, so please show your support and come down for the night!!!!


Leoncie and WFMU come together! Two of my favorite things!

I love how in her song "Invisible Girl" she sings the line "I'm a naughty girl" and puts her hands up next to her head like they're antlers. She must have seen some horny reindeer in Iceland.

Some people crab about her because they're used to prepackaged crap. She truly is an excellent singer and composer.


I have actually been to a Leoncie gig here in Iceland. It was great. It was this really small place called Prikd (The Stick) and she was on after Eurovision had been televised. She was up on this rather high stage so you could see under her very short dress. That Made me happy. I miss her.


Arigradi is a Phony connected to bjork and her crappy family.
He lies about his desperate wish to get Leoncie Free at his crappy golden lion in crappy kings cross. he must have had 2 kgs of crack before he wrote his crappy comment.
The only crap he can get is bjork for free, since she lives on tax payers money permanently in iceland and everybody knows that and are afraid to talk about it, because they are an icelandic gangster family.

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