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March 08, 2008


Dale Hazelton

Damn, Uncle Dirty just rocks! Not everyone's cup of tea I'll imagine, but cool anyway. I have an uncle who got a penile implant in his early 80's. He told just about every woman at my mom's funeral about it, and got more brash as the afternoon went on. He went from descibing it medically to finally just saying "I have a new fake dick." When you're in that part of life, I guess you shouldn't care too much. I like Alga, too. Gorgeous photographs. Thanks for sharing.


Henry Miller has never looked better!


Mahatma Gandhi gone horribly, horribly wrong...

I remember when the midtown branch of NYPL had open stacks, there was this guy who would sit in the middle of the room with all the muscle magazines. He would spend the day peering at them intently. His eyes were bad, so he used a big magnifying glass. Maybe this guys brother?


hello, I wasn't sure how to get in touch or anything but here's Flickr page of a Warsaw based artist wth recent series of her paintings: http://www.flickr.com/photos/walisz/
Hope someone likes it ir whatnot.

Rick Schlauch

Drink Rick Schlauch Beer and Chips, and your penis will be enormous, too!!!!!

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