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April 10, 2008



This is great - I saw Black Flag play in 1984, dosed out of my skull, and they changed my life. I wrote about it in the link below.

Endless Mike

awesome! we just got a bunch of black flag vinyl in at www.punkrockrecordstore.com if anyone's looking!

Jim Altieri

Damn! I wish I would of had my name on that jepg. The screen prints I made of my art do. Thanks for posting this. Oh, I am the artist. Jim Altieri

this website

I was listening to Slip It In; at a red light, I read the liner notes and was reminded that the album came out in 1984. I quite like it, always have, but I also remember a general sentiment among fans deeming it the "lame follow up to My War." Remember, a lot of fans hated My War too, and saw it as a "metal" album, not punk enough.

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