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April 13, 2008



Great post! I just saw Rickles this week here in Milwaukee. He killed! What a great performer. My favorite part, besides his insults about having to be in Milwaukee, was the way he treated the 2 guys he brought on stage for a very strange Japanese improv bit. He thanked them after they had gone back to their seats and said "I'd like to buy you each a bottle of champagne" and waiters were standing by to bring a bottle to each table. Total class!


Anyone know how I can get info on "The Don Rickles Show" from 1972. At least a synopsis of the episodes. I remember an episode with the line "You broke my Lorenzo" about his car being damaged. It's stayed with me all these years and I'd love to see that episode again, or at least read a decription of it.


Awesome. I was one of the guys asked on stage in Milwaukee. what a thrill. Classy indeed.

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