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April 19, 2008


Having experienced the Amoeba stores as both a customer and an employee, I have to say James is dead wrong, at least in terms of the two Bay Area stores. (Never been to the Hollywood store.) The ownership/management, especially in SF, work hard to ingrain a culture of courtesy and respect for everyone that walks in the door, even the crazed acid heads and dicey street kids that wander in off the Upper Haight. Their goal, among many others, is to create that small record shop vibe, with great used finds, in the context of a large retail emporium, and I believe they've succeeded. I doubt the LA-area store is all that different, though in big retail stores, any employee can have a bad day. Amoeba also has virtually every title Aquarius has to offer, often at a better price; you sometimes just have to look a little harder to find things, as Amoeba is much larger and less compartmentalized. James, if you had a bad experience, I would bet that it was an exception, not the rule; saying they treat customers "like shit" is going a bit too far. "Greatest record store ever"? I tend to agree, and not just because they treated me very well when I worked there. Remember the old Kim's Video, the second floor store on St. Marks and 2nd Ave. in Manhattan? THAT was a place where the staff reveled in treating the patrons like shit.


Curt, you're the man. Best believe I'm going to be taking your excellent tips with me.


Haven't you heard? Cds are dead! So are records. Vynil will persist as a niche industry since audiophiles love the sound, but digital music has so many advantages. Let the record stores die, I say! And the record labels! They will die too!


No shit! We used to actually listen to "Round Record" back in high school. Of course nobody else wanted to hear about it back then! It was right up there with "Tennesse," "Jack And The Bean Stalk" and "Pasta Fazool."

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