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April 01, 2008



Hey, you know the stupid April Fool's prank the station is doing right now? It's stupid. Annoying, not funny. Ugh.

Jason Das

Yep, "Other Afternoons" is a tremendously great record! (I might even like it better than any of Cecil's records, but that's me.)

Philip P

So glad to see a small tribute to a great musician. Thanks for posting the hathut recordings. Along with the work you mentioned, I would add the five discs put out by Black Saint records:

Nuba (1979) Andrew Cyrille/Jeanne Lee/Jimmy Lyons
Wee Sneezawee (1984) Jimmy Lyons Quintet
Give It Up (1985) Jimmy Lyons Quintet
Something In Return (1981/1988) Jimmy Lyons/Andrew Cyrille
Burnt Offering (1982/1991) Jimmy Lyons/Andrew Cyrille

The first few minutes of the piece, Nuba 1, are immortalized in Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog. Look for the scene where Forest Whitaker gets in his car to go do his last "job". Every other time, he plays hip hop. This time, it's Lyons and Cyrille. God bless Jim Jarmusch.

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