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April 18, 2008



It's about time someone took a poke at William Bennett! It's amazing, considering his various obsessions (sexual domination, child porn, physical abuse, etc.), and his absolutely rigid and humorless approach for almost 30 years, that he's escaped satire this long. That said, I'm a big fan.

Brian Turner

Actually Wm I do find a generous amount of humor in his blog which I linked to, and I dunno, hearing a Whitehouse track DJd at a club after some pop/rock song once I couldn't help but think Bennett is well aware of the humorously overblown qualities of his music. The Bachelor Party movie gag was especially funny considering he seems to keep on top of current popular culture. He's an interesting character .

As for nobody taking a poke at William Bennett, there was that Jim Steinman/William Bennett gag on that Skullflower 7" years ago...


I still put on Whitehouse every so often, but I dunno...truth be told, once one is a parent, any artist's obsession with child abuse, child porn etc. gets pretty old pretty fast, and he's been so damn consistent about it over so many years/records, I sorta couldn't care if he nowawdays has a sense of humor about it or not. Show some growth, you know? Bennett's ex-collaborator in Whitehouse and Pure Magazine publisher Peter Sotos certainly wasn't "kidding" about kids, I believe he actually admired child rapists...he liked Nazis, too...I have trouble forgiving Bennett for aligning himself with Sotos. If the whole thing was a big joke, or a comment on the media, then I missed it, either that or I'm suddenly developing a case of middle-class small-mindedness. I'm sure that's what Bennett and Sotos would say.


Though this appears to be a fairly accurate representation of Reagan-era Sec. of Ed. and Bush(I)-era Drug Despot William Bennett, I don't remember him having such a potty mouth. Nor do I remember him having such an awesome coif. The whole S&M/child porn thing is spot on, though. So, kudos.


America, It doesn't surprise me at all that Wm Bennett's secret lives are still coming out. I hear he was in on some post-Katrina property loss scams to pay off gambling debts. But hey Brian how about playing some Whitehouse sometime?


Yeah, he is a real douche (the Reagan/Bush Bennett, that is). I have the local right-wing station on my clock radio because Bennett is on when I usually wake up in the morning, and there's no way that I can fall back asleep as he blathers on about what Jesus wants for this country.

As for this William Bennett...eh. Like PTV & SPK, that Whitehouse stuff only lasts for so long before it makes me want to eat my own arm. But I guess that's the beauty of it. What I'm really curious about, though, is whether or not it's really true that you lose your ear for a good child abuse joke/shock lead once you become a parent. Should I be glad that I'm not a parent and therefore still amused by such relatively simple things (as jokes, of course)?


America, per your comment, I would say that the efforts of William Bennett and Peter Sotos in particular go way beyond "a good child abuse joke/shock lead" into a more relentless hammering on these same topics for a period of decades. The term "one trick pony" doesn't even begin to qualify the obsession of topic employed by these guys. My personal fascination with Whitehouse's recordings has much more to do with the use of noise than it does with the lyrical content; I guess some might argue that the two are inseparable, but there you go. Writing about abusing people, dominating them sexually or otherwise, beating and or buttfucking children gets more than a bit tired after 30 years. Can it still be shocking, amusing or even confrontational after all this time? At this point, I find this aspect of Whitehouse neither shocking nor amusing, I merely find it tedious and more than a bit questionable.


welllll....i laffed hard and long at the w. bennett cartoon.....'sagood un. As far as judging whitehouse's value....um it reminds me of people arguing that beatles songs all sound the same back in the '60's...the 80's 90's and most recent w.house reckerds sound nuttin alike, to my ears any hoo...I like sotos' books too,and I find it inneresting that he got the boot...what does one do to get kicked outta whitehouse!..the fact that people feel compelled to defend or condemn their stuff is inneresting in of itself... to misquote the guy over at spaced saviour: "the band is either asking some questions or reporting from the front..." and he says sumpin bout them "being the band at the club in burroughs' interzone"... let's not forget P. Best, also of "the house" (as well as Ramleh, Consumer Electronics)...he does lovely collages sometimes involving IMAGES OF CHILDREN....the Trevor Brown art on some of their cd's is "controversial" i suppose, though the venetian snares guy uses em too...the artist on the cover of the "racket" cd (2008) is an amazing swedish(?) artist named "STEFAN DANIELSSON" who is certainly worth checking into......ta!

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