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April 01, 2008


mary jane

7pm April 1, 08 No way to tune in to live WFMU stream online or on the dial. There is another station playing....FMU hacked or an April 1 prank? Got to the B of Blog but can not get to homepage or archives- even from here. New transmitter being installed? Anyway, absence makes the heart grow even fonder!

Back to Pseu-fun post!


yeah april fool's jokes that take away from business suck eggs! but if you timed maintenance to april fools, s'ok.

all my celeb crushes are bookish or nerdy or timid or witty or more 'character' than looks as well.
why is that? do we 'shot low' because of our own insecurity, or figure that an insecure person is an 'easier catch'. or is it because most stereotypical 'beaties' are vain and shallow?

hmmm. deep thoughts here.


I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I had a huge crush on Terence Stamp in "Superman II." This accounted for my multiple viewings of the movie, which on its own was nothing special. Superman sleeping with Margot Kidder? Ugh.


Great post! I LOVE A Thousand Clowns! I basically wanted to ride a bicycle with Jason Robards for the longest time. And Barry Gordon was the greatest, most precocious kid ever.

And I also had a crush on Gene Wilder as a young girl. I thought he was so cute in Young Frankenstein. I tell people this now and they just laugh and laugh, doh!

Krys O.

Pseu, how did you channel my childhood? My pals and I had the same weirdo crushes. You can add Austin Pendleton, Andrew Robinson (The Scorpio Killer in Dirty Harry), and Bud Cort, of course, to the list. Oh, yeah, my friends and I would reveal our crushes to each other as "adding to The List."

Krys O.

Ooh, ooh! Freddie Garrity! He was HOT!

Dale Hazelton

Can a man comment here? I remember playing "house" in kindergarten with some girls, and one of those ladies give me a love note on the school bus -- I completely ignored it. Probably best that I didn't get romantically entangled at five years of age anyway....

Pseu, I thought for sure you would be the kind of gal who found the "Dud" in Mystery Date much more alluring than the guy who looked like Barbie's Ken. He looked dangerous and like he might know some cool places to hang out.

As a wee lad I found my first crush falling on my first grade teacher, Ms. Zawalli. She had a nice blond pageboy cut that I thought was cute, and being a teacher she was nurturing. When I discovered the wonderland of televsion and film, I became enamored with the milf -- like Beverly Garland, who married Fred MacMurray on 'My Three Sons,' or June Lockhart from 'Lassie.' There was the tomboy like Kim Darby from the John Wayne movie 'True Grit.' It was her pixieness that enchanted me, I think. I thought Patty Duke and I were going to run away together, despite the protestations of our parents trying to undermine our love, even if we did broadcast it in black and white. Of course as I got older I became enticed by women like Sally Struthers, Adrienne Barbeau and Linda Carter. They beat 'jiggle TV' to the punch by a few years

Wonder Woman aside, I never really got into the bombshell, I always found there to be a lot more sexuality in the girls from 'Petticoat Junction' or the King Sisters on 'Lawrence Welk' than a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Even today I prefer quirk or wholesomeness over silicone, collagen and bleach.

And Pseu, you are a great!! writer....have you written anything more substantial?

Bronwyn C.

Pseu, OMG! I had a whole other category of crushes: Not-Even-Real Characters. I was absolutely IN LOVE with Ben Grimm from the Fantastic 4 (*I* wouldn't have to be blind to care about him!), but the first, and most intense, crush I can remember was even earlier, when I was IN LOVE with Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Not that I sat around writing "Mrs. Rocket J. Squirrel" or "Bronwyn Squirrel" over and over on my lined notebook paper, but still ...
And, of course, look who I married.

Less Lee

I feel less weird about my crushes on Gilligan, Barry Manilow, and Jerry Lewis now.

Pseu Braun

Less Lee, thanks for having the courage to come forward with your crushes -- had the same exact ones! I totally hesitated to write about Gilligan, as that whole desert-island scenario was truly a can of worms for me as a kid. Freud would've had a field day.

Bronwyn, I did want to marry Bugs Bunny and Rocket J. Squirrel too because they were cool, funny and smart. Although Rocky was a bit of a control freak.

I hated wholesome girls. Fuck 'em.

Mark Allen

At that tender age, I had a seriously obsessive crush on Ike Eisenmann (circa Return From Witch Mountain and Devil Dog: Hound of Hell). It had a profound effect on my hairstyle for a whole decade.

Krys O.

The funniest thing about Barry Gordon is how much he permeated our childhood. He was the voice of the Nestle's Quik Bunny among other voiceovers.

One of the best yet unknown Gene Wilder movies was Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx. And Margot Kidder was in that as well. It's all tied together....

Dale Hazelton

...guess I should have kept my trap shut.

Less Lee Moore

Hi again! I was so inspired by this that I got a bunch of other to contribute to a series of article on this topic.

Here's the link: http://popshifter.com/2008-05-30/popshifters-secret-garden-of-crushes/


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well the whole roddy mcdowell thing, it is rumored that he has a 14" penis.... other than that it doesnt seem strange. as a very young boy for me it was charo, and women in costumes with tails. and gilligans island? its the ultimate psychoanalytic show, yes totally freudian.

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