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May 22, 2008


Krys O.

Oooh! Ernie Borgnine always was and shall always remain so adorable. Squish!


A year or two ago Bela Lugosi's son was at this event. I didn't go but afterwards he came to my weekend job at Ellis Island and related to a co-worker the elder Lugosi's story of coming to the U.S. Apparently he jumped ship in New Orleans. Only years later, but before his fame as Dracula, he had the documentation straightened out. You can find the "manifest" which contains only his name (not his handwriting) which was created in order to put things right at www.ellisisland.org. Ordinarily these were filled out as people boarded the ship but this was an irregular situation as Lugosi had been living in the U.S. illegally. This year the play presented a few times a day during tourist season at the museum is based upon Lugosi's story.


wait a minute--you reject the osmonds and embrace liza minelli? i gotta go opposites with you on this one...

Kathy Grzelak

I went to the Wyndham Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois for the celebrity and movie memorabilia show and Ernest Borgnine was there. Out of all of the celebrities that were there, he seemed the most happiest person there. Smiling the whole time, shaking everyones hand and just having a good time. I stood there and watched him for a long time. I just wish all celebrities were like him. He was so friendly and down to earth, and just seemed to happy to be there, meeting his fans.
I will never forget him.
Kathy Grzelak

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