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May 24, 2008



Andrea Rocco sounds familiar. Did I see her live in Rochester NY once? It was at MCC if I remember...

Vicki - DO or DIY

Gwilly Edmondez is an excellent artist, and will hopefully be played lots lots more on the radio in the not too distant future!

Check out more by clicking on my name below.

Gwilly Edmondez

Hey, thanks a million for this, Nash. Nice to know people are following all this energy out-pouring! Thank-you Vicki, also!

Check out these links for more:
http://www.musicfilmbroth.com (where you can watch the whole of Edmondez/D'Silva's 'Cuts!' session.



Yeah, it is that Andrea Rocca - he is both an electroacoustic experimentalist and a film composer. Same person.

Nash Roads

Oh. really? So he's not even English? I'm averaging one MAJOR factual error per article I think.

Gwilly Edmondez

As Bruco Lava, Andrea Rocca was a sometime member of Radioactive Sparrow's gig line-up - in fact, he plays guitar on the live clip included above! Smaller world...

Nash Roads

Whew! I think this is called serendipity! Glad you like the article, Gwilly! This won't be the last time I cover Kakutopia bands, I was very excited to learn about what's going on out there! This sentence ends with an exclamation point!

Andrea Rocca

Thank you very much for this Nash, it was totally unexpected and very appreciated. If you'd like some music to play on WFMU just let me know, I'd be happy to pass it on.

Brian Mantis

Nach! Nice profile of a canny scene! My favourite Kakutopia artist is TONY GAGE. I wish to fact they would re-issue some...

Check his myspace for new tracks and mind-blowing paintings!!


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