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May 02, 2008



I miss those days in college radio, when we would get similar random letters from the obviously insane.

Or conversely, maybe we've all been remiss in not trying to stop the government satellites from stealing our brainwaves.


i feel like i'm missing something. i don't get it...huh, weird.


Spaceboy, I don't get it either - I think only one person on this great green globe gets it.


hoping it was a great mad style fold-in...


i don't know about evil, but that's some wacky passive aggressive racism towards the swedes. :)

are they the barbaric blonde vikings of legend past, or translucent milquetoasts into cableknit sweaters and boiled sheep brains?

sasha m

I get it. In the sense that I would write the same exact thing on that photo above that text. Does that make me insane?


It is a telltale sign of schizophrenia to "see evil coming out of a picture."

jeff n.

What's on the back? More Swedes?

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