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June 22, 2008



Young Mark Miller gets a bit Joycean: 'By Veronica the organ being played'

Bren C.

I loved the Archie Club News! I would send stuff to them all the time, but sadly never saw print. My fave piece detailed how Sabrina the Teenage Witch's family was what represented everything that was "wrong" about Riverdale (see, my mother was convinced that Archie Comics were filthy, and she lectured me about all the "evil" inside the covers frequently - even went so far as to tell my teachers to disallow me reading Archie Comics on school ground, and to tell on which of my classmates were fellow Archie fans). So everything I wrote was basically propaganda from my mother's perspective.

But I love this classic 1950's "Betty & Veronica" clip!

Bren C.


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