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June 21, 2008



Yes, I vividly remember seeing these John Candy routines on SCTV. Hilarious.

Holland Oats

phil spector had that hair at one point.


if i remember right, didn't he used to make regular appearances on the old Ron & Ron show? and odd thing is they never really gave him shit about that 'hair' either.


I can't believe my eyes. I have tried to describe this guy to my family and friends--several times over the last few years--because I accidentally saw him twice: once while I was flipping through tv channels late at night, and once in the Charlotte, NC airport, where he was wearing a long white robe decorated with glittery/silvery outer-space symbols. Since I was alone both times (and did not know his name to look him up on the internet) my family and friends just look at me funny and nod sympathetically when I try to describe this man. And now here he is....and I get to prove to my loved ones I wasn't hallucinating!


never realized the hair changed shape.
he can't build identical helmets, or is it to give the illusion of growing hair/haircuts?
sometimes it's spaceballs spherical, other times almost judicial or parlimentary, and still sometimes like a half-egg. perhaps its just a physical manifestation of his powerful brain waves. afroplasm, if you will?


I thought he looks more like a reverse image Nancy from the Sluggo comix.


TW: Now for the important stuff: What's the deal with your hair? Is it real?
GS: It's real. It's my natural hair. It's a combination of hair spray and hair paint to get the color. I've always looked a little different. It's good though because when people see me on the street or on TV they say, "Hey, there's that psychic guy."

what the hell is hair paint? he acts like that's a normal thing.


Thank you, WFMU. As I'm in the UK I'd never heard of Gary- now he's my new favourite tonsorial master.


ran across this jucey clip on youtube, and figured it should be shared:



funny , thank you....

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