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June 17, 2008



i was really lucky to see ultimate reality in san francisco a while ago. it was pretty awesome to be surrounded by california hipsters watching in awe as their governor played the lead role in an absurd dayglo collage of everything that is wonderful about action movies.



Jonathan Wall

You have to buy it, shitty pixelated versions fail to do it any justice. Or, of course, see it live with the dual drumsets and then actually understand it.

god all of you suck why can't you be the hipsters who come to the bang on a can marathon at four in the morning just to see dan deacon


I was lucky enough to see this at SUNY Purchase for what I think was its debut. Really great, especially with those drummers. I purchased a copy, then and there, and now Dan Deacon's a veritable celebrity. Weird how quickly that happened.

Maybe not weird, I dunno. Anyway, good movie.


First I think, this video rules. Then I think, wait, Conan the Barbarian rules California. Reality is ultimately mindboggling.

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