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June 27, 2008


Taxman's Shrink's Community College guidance counciler

Scott, I tried to get him to change his career path but.......

The Scott Scott didn't know Scott had

Hey TSCCGC, that's awfully kind (and not to mention hilarious) of you, but I couldn't have asked for a greater, more entertaining (and wildly off the mark) interpretation of my motives than what Taxman's shrink had to offer. There's no hate here, sir - just a lot of us conflicted music nerds indulging in a little navel-gazing.


Hating the Beatles is so last-century.


Yeah the Beatles suck. Though if you actually listen to a record, they're pretty interesting. And on DVD they're great. Did you see that thing on YouTube? I love the Beatles!!!


Nice try Boil. I think I need to make something clear here: I don't hate the Beatles. I've already owned to being a fan of "Beatles for Sale", and on top of that own, and can't get rid of, several other records. That tiny portion of this post that has to do with them has nothing at all to do with whether they're good or bad -- i think the point i was making was they're beyond criticism. "What's the point?"; "Who cares what anybody thinks about the Beatles?" When's the last time you -didn't- hear a beatles song on the radio? When's the last time you said "FINALLY! A book about the beatles, one that tells it like it was!".

Wild Bill

Yeah, but if you've never owned a parody gatefold album called Music From Lil' Brown & you happen to see it searching the bins, BUY IT! Bring it home and compare it to The Band's Music From Big Pink & then write a blog entry!

I may be paranoid but that doesn't mean that they're NOT following me. OCD is like a record on a turntable (probably one with a repeating skip in the grooves).


There is also the crazy concept of only collecting good albums (in their entirety). This may be somewhat subjective, of course, yet it keeps my stacks (3000+ vinyl) pared down to: "all killer - no filler" aside from a couple handfuls that have not gotten around to being traded or sold again.

john m

I don't understand unloading and re-buying the same record for sentimental reasons. My sentimental attachment is to the ACTUAL copy of the record I bought when I was 15 or what have you. I recently realized I have these great records I don't listen to so I got them on a more portable format. It's been a great rediscovery. But I just can't say goodbye to the original object. It goes in a box and sits in storage. It's weird...am I at all better off with that record in a box in the basement...I guess I feel I am.


Good news everyone! I did it! I got rid of "Hall of The Mountain Grill" this weekend!!

Steve Barton

The Red & The Black? Man, I love that song but it doesn't make me fuzzy...

Neal Burgess

I have gotten rid of a sizable amount of albums in my day, one time about 300 cd's, and I must say, the only ones I've bought again were the Velvets boxed set (I don't know why I got rid of that) and some Skinny Puppy albums (I once thought that Download's 'Furnace' was the only thing by Cevin Key worth listening to, but realized last year that everything he did and continues to do is pure gold). I do not miss all that alternative crap I bought thinking it was great and hardly listened to when it came down to it. But I just might say that about Sunn in 15 years.

Neal Burgess

"A little off the subject, maybe, but Alan Zweig made an interesting documentary called Vinyl about obsessive record collecting. http://www.journalism.ryerson.ca/online/replay/altlife/rsimonetta.htm"

That is actually totally on the topic. I was just about to make a reference to Zweig, when I did a search on WFMU to see if it had been brought up before, and yours was the first. My favourite moment in the movie is when he tells the story of deciding to give up some records that he really loved, in an effort to prove that he didn't need them. So he gives away his favourite record of all time, Curtis Mayfield's "There's No Place Like America Today". He ends up buying the cd, but confesses that not only does having the cd, not please him, it actually is making it worse and only reminds him that he doesn't have that record anymore. Later in the film he is with the guy who he gave it to and convinces him to give it back. I've never seen a happier man.

Charlie Davidson

If you lived as near to Liverpool as I do, you'd REALLY hate The Beatles... as for the Hawkwind, it's certainly no classic, but anything with Uncle Nik's "D-Rider" on it can't be all bad.

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