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July 25, 2008



What a great interview! George obviously enjoyed it and appreciated the intelligent questions. And what a great ending--Carlin quoting Casals: "I'm beginning to notice some improvement." Imagine if all artists had that level of perception and humility.

Sean Murphy

That unfortunate fellow is Jim Ferguson, local Tucson school teacher and movie reviewer/press-junket mutant. If you ever see his name next to a blurb on a DVD cover, skip it, he never met a turd he didn't lavish praise on. Still, you gotta feel for the guy, he's trying to get even five seconds of interview he can use but Richard's having none of it. In Pryor's autobiography (great book) he says that during the filming of Stir Crazy he holed up in a Tucson foothills home and freebased whenever he wasn't on set. This had to have been filmed around that time.

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