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July 25, 2008



Re #2: That reminds me -- today is Thurston Moore's FIFTIETH birthday!


That's the dullest crowd I've ever seen!
All those people and only three people are visable enjoying themselves.
I'm glad I was nowhere near it.


ha! #1 beardo is pretty funny. thank god he shaves his neck.... thank god i wasn't standing near him...

the silver surfer in #2 is lip-synching alright. did he pump a fist or something? good for him... you know, i wonder if the dude directly in front of him recognizes his future self standing behind him or if he, the silver surfer, recognized his past self standing in front of him?

i'm playing scarlet begonias over the chick in #3 & it fits fine...


I had a simmilar expirience as the people standing behind the "drunken butte---er, frog", when SY were playing in Belgrade a couple of years ago, but mine was a drunken fat guy.

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