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July 22, 2008



What a lovely journey through the amalgamation of so much art. My favorite part of this sordid adventure was Byron. Who doesn't love a pious bigot?!


this was awesome. thanks so much!


my two favorite Mattcave moments:
I stop by with my sister to drink beer and hang out - Matt has just brought home a pile of loot from some garage that was overflowing and spilling out into the alley. I'm picking through the heap buttons, eyeglasses and the like and grab what at first glance appears to be a dirty mannequin arm. It wiggles in my hand and I realize something is very wrong. Matt swears he thought it was really a mannequin arm and not a moldy rubber fisting arm.
Possibly the same night a greasy lobster-faced Perry Ferrel looking guy steps in the front door, surveys the scene, and proclaims "The good times have got to stop!" He then promptly retreats to a small hole in the corner of the apartment where he has manageed to secure a small perimeter free from Matt's ever-expanding collection of "bits."


This vaguely reminds me of that H. P. Lovecraft story "The Hound".

Dale Hazelton

It's only out of hand when he can't tell you the story about when and where each item came from, and I'll bet he's not there yet. On the downside, I hope he has a clear exit plan in case of fire.

onion head

Hey Matt(a.k.a Egg Brain figured that would bring back some thought's)I used to be your roommate in St.Louis in Baden on Church Street. I thought about u from time to time,U showed me how to loose the closed mind and become an open minded person , we used 2 go to the cematery through the church yard.Remember????Email me at tawaseast@yahoo.com and i will tell u who i am lol. I figured if i post on everyone of your utubes i can find , one of these will reach you being there no email addie so i can get ahold of u


Elena brought me there for a 4th of July probably 4 years ago now. The photos definitely don't do it justice. It was like a kaliedoscope of misplaced anachronisms. Really great to get a little background from it. It was as if I had returned to a point in childhood which didn't exist.

Tyler McCoy

I studied animation under Mr Marsden in 2002, shortly before I left for Japan. Then we somehow ran into each other in the suburbs of Jaipur, India a few years later. His fantastic animation and style is beyond words, and I really really appreciate this little window into his inner art.


I love Matt I feel bad I started doing 3d whoops :P

Juli v z M

When Matt came to EastWind I gave him the paws of a skunk, some road kill I had picked up to see if I could tan the hide. The paws were the only parts that I kept, the rest always reeked of skunk. I wonder if he still has them.


So strange to read and see all of this. Matt and I were together for a time in our early twenties. Lived on Damen. No real reason to post this. I teach English at a high school now in the "close- minded shithole." I may have misquoted that. Some of my daughter's friends are now at the Art Institute, but she was only an infant then....

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