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July 19, 2008



Jonathan Steinke

Anonymous, you have officially left me quivering in my boots and sobbing uncontrollably in the fetal position.

My my, don't YOU have a pair?


There's a good chance that what I'm about to convey was nothing more
than a vicious rumor made up about some folks in my hometown, but allegedly,
there was a family that used to attend the funerals of strangers with unsettling regularity.


I didn't lose it until I saw my mother's body in the casket at the funeral home and really realized that she was really, REALLY DEAD. I cried for 10 straight minutes. My dad, my brother and I went through the motions of life for about six months after that. Then Dad was reintroduced to his childhood sweetheart and I got some temp work.

There are three events during which humans seem to go batshit:

The way we act, you'd think we were important or something.

Ryan England

Funerals are sad. It surprising, but I guess a positive thing that your first wasn't until you were 34. It's good that you were able to find something humorous in it to take your mind off the actual events of the time. PS> I'm practicing my speed reading and am reading completely random blogs. Honestly, yours is one of the better written ones I've seen. Thank you.

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