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July 24, 2008



Holderlin were also great. Do yourself a favor and go to You Tube and search "WDR Krautrock" --- a few years ago a multi-part TV special aired in Germany on the entire German 70s rock scene, a bunch of clips are up now, not all though. I put some non-You Tube ones up here from my DVD boot a while back, I'll try to grab some more in the near future.

Dale Hazelton

Loved the Hölderlin!

Here's one of my favorite German bands, Novalis. Wrong period, but who cares?:


and live....


And some Birth Control never hurt anybody:



Ougenweide is my new favorite band. I hope they show up on Hype Machine soon.

Goyim in the AM

Hölderlin are still kinda limping loosely along these days -- attempted a sort of comeback last year that was spoilt when the guitar player quit just before tour -- can't say I blame him, the new stuff is pretty awful. http://www.hoelderlin.com/

Goyim in the AM

Also, Rufus Zuphall's drummer is totally Kevin Shea (talibam!, etc.)


Do anyone else have trouble getting the videos to play through and with sound? On my machine they stop at 5 seconds and there's no sound, but the pictures look great. That's why I want to hear the sound. The sound of the pictures, you can say. Does anyone understand me?

Goyim in the AM

Had the exact same problem on the main blog page, but they work for me on the comments page. Firefox?

Nash Roads

Yeah, I've been having that problem too with firefox, although the videos work fine with internet explorer. I assumed it was just something weird with my computer. I'll let Ken and Doron know about this, thanks for speaking up!

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