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August 01, 2008


A. Nonny Mouse

The Lyndon Wade site link displayed a NSFW photo of people, um, with out clothing... and guess where I was when I found this out?

Eeeeeek! Good thing I'm quick with a mouse. You might just want to tack on a NSFW warning, thanks!

fatty jubbo

sorry about that, I didn't notice any nudies.

Soft Furry

Wow, its like those photos regularly featured in Apeture Magazine that are traumatizing without really trying to be.


where's the one of the dogs playing poker?

Dale Hazelton

He seems to have knack for selecting cretinous looking folk as his subjects -- or he goes out of his way to make them look that way. Where's the nekkid people?


I think they look great.
There's some gems on his site too. like the two versions of the bar photo and the freakshow-based photomanips and the attractive screaming woman with the huge mouth.


mad pictures.

Praca w Londynie

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