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August 14, 2008


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Mr. Counts

Blood, AIDS, hip hop, giant black phallus protruding from the center of the... ah, just run with it. Don't forget the stupid ribbon. 2nd annual design: Hitler rapes a f$@*!#@ kitten.


Splattered blood is no way to promote a hip-hop benefit. And FOR HIV too (aren't these benefits supposed to find something AGAINST HIV?). I mean, they probably mean well. But this really needs to go back to the drawing board for some visual and grammar correction....


At first I thought it said Hip Hop OR HIV, like you have to choose


I just noticed that the splattered blood morphs into the city skyline at the top. Neat way to underscore our off-the-charts violent crime rate, huh? Ah, Dallas.

Power Sherlock

They should have gone the whole hog and merged the 2 to make 'Hiv Hop'


One mans atrocity is another mans truth in advertizing.

just john

What the hell is H Phop?

Hugo Logo

worst logo ever goes to the new WFMU logo on the homepage.


Did you notice how the top of the microphone looks like a diagram of the HIV virus?


Nashville had an AIDS Walk several years ago, and donors got a special AIDS Walk Fanny Pak.


First of all, if you don't know what H Phop is by now, then you're just not "with it."
Also, I never thought I'd see a logo worse than the "Groomer Has It" logo, but there you go.

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