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September 10, 2008



A wonderful analog for rock stardom. Like musicians, chickens do much of their thinking "downstairs" and that upper part just gets in the way of the fun. But too much of a good thing, and you end up choking in your own vomit passed out in a hotel bathroom. Rock on, Mike!


The documentary that popularized mike of recent years is online...i did a similar post as you this morning, doug, and i linked to the full-length documentary video! we musta been thinking along the same lines. See here:

King Daevid MacKenzie

...and those of us who grew up in Chicago in the '70s know of Mike the Headless as a result of Larry Lujack and Tommy Edwards snickering about him on their "Animal Stories" segments on WLS. It's on the first ANIMAL STORIES album that WLS put out in 1981...


Mike is one of my heroes. I learned about him from his website five years ago. I'm glad his legend is being kept alive.


Hello doug,
thanx for posting about mike's strange wonderful existence. There is also info on him in this documentary here:

as well as more amazing chicken stories and that song about how to spell chicken.
thanx, terry, ATL

Holland Oats

best headline ever - good as the new york post - yes i am drunk

Heilan Yvette Grimes

Thanks for featuring my youtube video about Mike. I've been fascinated by Mike for years and am glad so many other people find him interesting and inspirational. I'm glad you reminded people of this anniversary.


Would that New York Post headline be by any chance "Headless body found in topless bar"?

Doug Schulkind

No, the NY Post headline would be more along the lines of "Headless Body Found at Hapless Barbecue"

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