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September 20, 2008



Who cares about spelling. What you should see is Sarah Palin here:


Warning: This video is *amazing* and will make you laugh out loud...


uh......I think its pretty obvious that Treachers blog is satire. Brilliant satire I might add....you know....deliberate exaggerations and comical distortions only loosely based on fact, sort of like the Daily Kos but funnier.

Jim Treacher

Take a few minutes and look at the Treacher blog.

I like this kid!

no pal

Okay, X-ray, now look at the comments here.

Irwin's post is arrogant satire. He was loving motordog's response.


I am SHOCKED to find arrogance of any kind on this blog....especially SATRICAL arrogance! SHOCKING! How dare he? What can we do to SILENCE him?


.....and please dont make fun of me becuz sometimes I spell things wrong...

no pal

Stirring up the hate.

Frank Mallone

Man, that Treacher guy really gives his straw men the smackdown!

Jim Treacher

Man, that Treacher guy really gives his straw men the smackdown!

Could you please be more specific?


That is a crap link. Here is some real creative writing on the subject:


This one is milk-spurting-out-of-your-nose funny, so I do not suggest drinking milk while reading it. Unless you like that sort of thing.


Seeing as how we're kicking off the culture wars again; I thought I'd do my part tomorrow and write in a complaint to the FCC about the swear words I heard early last night listening to FMU broadcast the ATP concert. As a good evangelical Christian, I was shocked and dismayed that such words were used during the hours when my children would be awake and listening. I'm sure your broadcast license could be put to better use by a radio station that supports Family Values.


I bumped into this elevated discussion by chance, having been invited by a friend. Without putting too fine a point on it, it appears that one side thinks that they are smart, and that Palin is not. The other group disagrees, apparently. What is so hard for me to fathom living here in flyover country in the Midwest, is how such smart people, such as New York Times readers can be so obsessed with Sarah Palin at a time when the world is going upside down. I know, I know, you're worried about exactly that, right? The world going upside down and the financial markets and the credit squeeze? And its reflected right there in today's most emailed list in the Times.

1. Seeking a President Who Gives Goose Bumps? So’s Obama.
2. Truthiness Stages a Comeback
3. The Push to ‘Otherize’ Obama
4. A Disability Epidemic Among a Railroad’s Retirees
5. Lipstick Bungle


Um, those times articles are posted on the world wide web, not the special elitist web that can only be accessed by people in NYC. You're looking at a web site based out of Jersey City, New Jersey, but where are you? Without tracing the IP addresses of each person who emailed each story it's not possible to make any conclusive statement.

I can however riddle you this:

Q: What do you call a hockey mom who supports abstinence only education?

A: Grandma

no pal

> it appears that one side thinks that they are smart

We've got a number of differnt things going on here.

It's the pro-Palin Irwin, Treacher and X-ray that think they're smarter than everyone else.

Jim Treacher

It's the pro-Palin Irwin, Treacher and X-ray that think they're smarter than everyone else.

Nobody's saying you're not smart, sweetie. Well, I'm not, anyway.


Spelling? What do you expect from a girl? GOP should stop pretending chicks can run the country. This is a Man's Man's Man's Man's world.


Shes dumb... Well isn't that why so many conservatives like her? Because she's "one of them".


Here's from someone called Bartleby:

"What do you call a hockey mom who supports abstinence only education?

A: Grandma"

Ha! Ha Bartelsby! Nice point. Dumb Sarah Palin, through her stupid faith based fantasy, managed to assure that her daughter got knocked up and then wasn't smart enough to get an abortion.

Actually a lot of other people have had a different impression of Palin. For instance, here's a riff from the Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root. I think it may help you as you try to make sense of the failure of the Dems in November:

“After watching last night’s Sarah Palin performance, I can only say, now, that Obama’s best shot at victory is if Biden plagiarizes Palin’s speech! . . .

A pit bull Hockey Mom just left most of America’s most gifted male politicians (and orators) dead in the middle of the road. She sliced and diced Obama, last night, like a wood chipper. Obama’s political career is lying in pieces, in a ravine somewhere in Alaska- with snowmobile tracks leading from the carnage.

Palin’s line about a “community organizer” being about the same as a small town Mayor…”except the mayor has responsibilities” was a hockey puck to Obama’s groin. Then, she finished Barack off, by referring to his fake Greek columns being carted back to Hollywood. Ouch! I could hear every guy in Middle America screaming in laughter. With one line she emasculated Barack’s entire fake career. Then, the hunter shot him once more for good measure with the line about Obama saying nice things to small town America to their faces…then badmouthing them when he’s back in San Francisco. Did the body move on that last shot? Or was he already finished off? Hard to tell.”


Whatever dude. (perhaps I should say where or who ever dude as well)


Palin Update for the Bartleby network: An FBI knock at midnight at the home of David Kernell who is suspected of hacking Sarah Palin's email. Kernell is the son of a career Dem legislator in Memphis Tenn.and an Obama enthusiast. The Feds are investigating David's role in the hacking case.

Also, 60,000 to 70,000 people turned out in Florida to hear Palin speak at a rally.

We're located near the borders of Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and Southern Illinois, Dude. You know, flyover country.


FGlyover - nice link - 'A Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed there has been "investigatory activity" in Knoxville regarding the Palin case, but she said there are no publicly available search warrants, and no charges have been filed.

A separate law enforcement source confirmed to 10 News that a search warrant was served on Kernell's apartment.'

'Publically available search warrant?' - Wow. If only this student had been working for a phone company breaking the wiretapping laws - then he would be covered by the wiretapping amnesty which remains so vital to safeguarding America's freedoms by ignoring constitutional inconveniences while safeguarding corporate bottom lines by removing even the merest hint of a taint of any legal redress causing material harm to what is truly important in America - that is, the unchecked use of power to ensure that the plundering won't stop until everything of value is gone.

Just ask grandma - she knows all about construction bonds and molecules, after all.

no pal

The really pathetic thing about this post is that Irwin, X-ray, and Treacher are too embarrased to just come out and say that they're pro-Palin. They have to use arrogant B.S. tactics to stir up anti-Palin hate.


Palin is the big Strong mean Mommy every crybaby sourpuss Republican secretly desires.


Im pro-Palin. Im a bitter gun owner clinging to my religion, and I vote.


OK, All trolling aside...

To paraphrase a candidates recent remark, "You can put lipstick on George Bush, but he's still George Bush". At this point, the Demotards could be running Al Sharpton and I'd still vote for them. In fact, if you're serious about understand the depth of hatred towards Sarah Palin, consider the fact that she's a hyperpartisan, abusive, divisive mouthpiece for Karl Rove. Hasn't one been enough? And what does that say about John McCain, a guy I was considering voting for until his VP pick? He got rolled by Bush in 2000, and now he's getting rolled again by his own VP for godsakes. More spine, please. I'll take a chance on Hopey, he may be green but when the time came to choose a sidekick he went with Country First rather than the "smart" political choice ( sorry Hillz ). Plus, the guy taught Constitutional law at U of Chi. Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who understood the Constitution as a guiding document rather than as an impediment to absolute executive control?

Seriously Repub guys, a little more good faith on your part would impress Independents like me a lot more than this hockey mom jeebus bullshit. McCain said some good things at the convention, but was completely undercut by everyone else, including and especially your new hero. The Dems figured out how to muzzle their extremists years ago. Why can't you do the same? No spine...

And as for you Dems, the point is well taken. Stop obsessing over the Lipstick'd Pitbull. It's just a con game. Ignore the popularity poles, and look at the breakdown in the electoral college. Yeah. I see a major asswhooping about to go down. A richly deserved one at that. The Republican party needs some time in the woods to come to terms with just how much damage to the country their ambition has caused, and just how badly their policies and governance has failed us. All of us. Let that one sink in, fellas. It's all of us who have to pick up the pieces.

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