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September 30, 2008


Well their little Miss Firecracker, what makes you think your so much better then me? You can try to dazzle us with all you're elitist blathering, but when it really comes down to it, Sarah Palin is a smarter and tougher women then you'll ever be! You brownnoses just want to take over the country from us normal folk because your bitter we wupped you so good during recess in high school. once a nurd, awlays a nurd.


Would you believe some KFC crumbs and a Bazooka Joe comic?

Listener Old Ma Belgrave

Calm down, bartleby.

down souf

Smarter and tougher = backstabbing and revenge. Just like religion!

I call shenenigan on that poster - every your and you're are symmetrically reversed.


It's a sad thing so many of you guys got beat up in school.

Listener Smörgås Chef

You can't stop bartleby, you can only hope to contain him.


Excuse me.


I'm offended by all you smarties. Quit talkin with your big words. You think you're so smart, huh? I got no use for yer book lernin. The only book I'll ever need is the bible. Guns for toddlers! Send gays to re-education camps! Evolution is a lie, and satan is hiding dinosaur bones in the ground to confuse us!

Hell's Donut House

Incredibly, Michael Palin's site has a page on the Diomede Islands:

It might be noted that Mr. Palin also looks fetching in a skirt.


Cheapest way to kill some time, buy some earplugs at Rite-Aid, grab a book and get on the bus. It's climate controlled. Trains or Subways are better, less bumpy. Reading Room South at NYPL also used to be nice, but now it's all people with laptops so every sound echoes a 2 dozen times. However, the Art and Architecture reading room down at the end is still suitable for reading books. I refuse to wear earplugs at the library.

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