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September 02, 2008



some more clips here

Listener Greg G.

Another notable moment in Jerry's career: he played lead guitar on the Porter Wagoner session at which The Cold Hard Facts Of Life was recorded.

Jim Russell

Never mind all that -- doesn't anybody remember Jerry's huge 1970 hit, "Amos Moses"?

Here, remind yourself:

RIP, Jerry.


Amos Moses is such a great thumping hit. His voice is a great part of that song's success, an embodiment of the human male swamp ape. That
was one of the songs I bought as a 45, and I played the shit out of it for weeks, on my crappy, cheapest Radio Shack stereo. I don't play it as much any more, but I've yet to grow tired of it.

Nick the Bard

"doesn't anybody remember Jerry's huge 1970 hit, "Amos Moses"?"

I'm sure more people do with it being in GTA: San Andreas. Such a good song to go on a combine harvester beach rampage with (if you can even GET the stupid thing to a beach anyway)...


They said his fingers were so fast that he could thread a needle on a sewing machine going full speed.

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