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September 24, 2008



Freehold rural? The mall capital of NJ? Hope you got your last milkshake at Jersey Freeze before they shut there doors to soon become an Olive Garden.


Does anyone have an MP3 link for Tom Wilson's original "Lesbian Seagull"? I remember it being pretty astonishing, but I haven't heard it in years.

Mr Fab

Oops, you called my blog Mutant Sounds! But they are one of my fave sites, so it's an honor to be mixed up with them.

Thanks again for the mention, Clinton.

I have a vinyl copy of Tom Wilson's original "Lesbian Seagull" - watch my blog, I'll try to post it in the coming weeks (feel free to remind me.)

Whoopsie, sorry Mr. Fab. I fixed my blog boo boo. And I am eagerly awaiting some more Tom Wilson (though I personally plan on ordering the LPs).

Oh, and Freehold NJ certainly has a helluva crazy mall, but I didn't spend much time there. I was working on an indie film shot on the farms and stately homes of Brickyard Road. That meant I mostly saw a shitload of the WaWa - whose iced coffee may be the worst I've found. Jersey Freeze doesn't look like it's going anywhere - it was packed every night. But I preferred the awesome ice creams at Four Boys over in Englishtown.


Is that the same Tom Wilson who did the end theme for WKRP?




Hey there- I'm Andrea, the speccy record geek who posted the 66 versions of "Limehouse Blues" over in my blog "Petquality's Twindowlickin Tales".
Thanks for the pimp, I appreciate it! As a result of your link, I got at least 2 more versions. :D

Much appreciated!




oh my god.
I first thought it is Tom Cruise...

Mr Fab

I posted "Lesbian Seagull" here:


Caw caw caw!


That renewed mind video is from a bible cult my mother raised me in. They're called The Way International and they are a horror show. Look em up, it'll blow your renewed mind.

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