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September 08, 2008



"The horror....the horror...."


I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream. That's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight... razor... and surviving.


I still don't know. Harley Davidson is so tough, like nobody messes with Harley Davidson. But then Macintosh is smart so even if Macintosh isn't as tough he could still fool the bad guys. Harley Davidson would be all like 'Vroom, Vroom!' but then Macintosh would be all like 'these are not the droids you're looking for, sike!'
I don't care, as long as they don't put that boring stuff on every channel.

Smelly Old Hobo

Hoboes like pie.

Smelly Middle-Aged Hobo

Say hello to your new president, John McCain!

Listner Jim

Oprah had better get off her ass and start getting you broads back in line.


I'm writing in Scarlett Johanson


This next question is for both candidates: Members of the scientific community have determined that rubber cement is both rubber *and* glue. How would you defend the nation against such a threat?


Does your Aunt Karen totally flip out and threaten to fire librarians when they refuse to ban books she doesn't like? Sarah Palin is the Antichrist. You heard it here.

"France produced WHAT? Le Fleurs du WHAT?!"



DJ Bronwyn C.

How come there's a new Smelly Old Hobo? Same as the old Smelly Old Hobo? No. Apparently this is the Smelly Old Hobo of Change. And yet the new one is still writing "Hobos like pie," so it's not that much change after all. I just have to assume that whoever is posting under that name is probably the only other person who knows what the heck I'm talking about here. Alas.


Um, think President. Your Aunt Karen is going to be President. When McCain inevitably croaks in office (as he can barely move his body around NOW), Aunt Karen will be tole painting (whatever THAT is—I'm from Jersey) while we all wallow in pain and poverty.

Janey Yonkers

Tole painting here: http://www.artezan.com/

Dale Hazelton

"A Pistol Permit for All. Abortions for None!" (whooping and cheering sounds).


This shit started happening when Ray-gun got elected. That is about the time when all manner of serious discourse evaporated. Looks, pop culture references, and good ol' boy-ism now define the role of the leader of this country. Who want's to elect some smart ass who can speak in like *two* languages, and reminds you of your boss, that meanie!.

"A Pistol Permit for All. Abortions for None!" (whooping and cheering sounds)."

DALE: Here in Tennessee it is already like that.. plus an "english only" referendum that was barely killed:


Jennifer Steffey

Look who got voted into office as the GOVERNATOR. Be very scared.

Jennifer Steffey

I did some funny, anthropomorphic drawings of Palin if you wanna take a gander...



i'm STILL voting for Ron Paul!


All these great comments, and it's the one by Smelly Old Hobo that gets DJ Bronwyn C. all fired up?

Dale Hazelton

yazzwho: thought Nashville was a tad more progressive than that. My dreams of retiring there to Stringbeans shack are dashed.

Jennifer: I like the one where she's pointing to someone in the press (I liked your Garden State logo, btw).

spaceboy: no, Pat Paulsen!

Krys O.

Ron Paul rejects GOP/Democrats and urges voters to vote for any, I mean ANY 3rd party candidate.


That's productive.

Brian C.

I don't have an Aunt Karen -- my kids do -- and she sounds nothing like Palin. Sis-in-law Karen is funny, outspoken, definitely leans left, and thinks Palin sounds just like our President (I guess the shrillness, anger, whatever). However, Karen calls her "Bush with a twat" which I guess is some kind of an anti-oxymoron or something.

Brian C.

Actually, whenever I hear Bronwyn's show I my think sis-in-law Karen sounds like her.


One thing is for sure-for there to be a winner there has to be a looser.


I like how you mentioned that somebody wrote the speech for her. Were you aware that all of the politicians have speechwriters? Or did you think Bill Clinton was just extemporaneously speaking? Just cause you lean left doesn't mean you have to tip over.

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