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September 08, 2008


Listner Jim

Obama writes his own speeches, Knute.


Actually Bill Clinton does both now. He writes his own speeches, and since he has been giving speeches for so long, he's pretty good at just winging it with the talking points. As a president he had a staff of speechwriters, but wrote essential parts of his speeches, if that's your point.

OTOH Sarah Palin is just a mouthpiece. For whom remains to be seen, although the speech itself was signature Rove. Jebus, she doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is. And she sez nucular. Fuck the What?


Of course that thar gurl dont write any of her speiches. I mean she's a gurl! And shes purty.

And try again, Listner Jim


Listner Jim

Uh, okay.



I just realized, I haven't watched even a minute of American Idol. As I recall hearing of it on T.V., or listening to neighbors and acquaintances bring it up, it always put me off, and now I'm thinking that They/it subconsciously reminded me of the pod people from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Geez, maybe American Idol was the construct of a nefarious cabal of wealthy industrialists to undermine voting even further, and the Mooseburger Ice Princess is a another step of the plan. She certainly wouldn't be in the position she's in if she was unattractive.

O.K., back to twitching in the corner, goodnight.


Bronwyn C for President.
Kelly for Vice President.

or perhaps

Scharpling/Wurster '08

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