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September 09, 2008



fucking HATE internet acronyms. i ask everyone that uses LOL if they really did as well. if they say they ROLFLOL'd, i pretty much never write them again. since i tend to actually WRITE out my feelings in letters, blogs or forum threads, people tend to compliment me and ask if i'm a writer.

no, i'm just an older model human who hates netspeak.
occaisionally i have to employ the :) or ;) just to let people who are NOT used to reading full sentances that i am not mad at them. even then they sometimes ask if it was a sarcastic ;).


Finally! A way to minimize "To Serve Man—it's a cookbook!", which I find myself using far too often.

Your list is absolutely stupendous. I am in your debt.


By the way, we seriously need to make DBMBT the next Internet meme.

sid b8rz

NGD4BHS = "naked, green, and drumming for Butthole Surfers".


Further proof that netspeak is evil...


WFMU - We Find Most Unusual
KROQ - Killing Radio Obsession Quickly


TAS - Thinking about sandwiches
FYYCWC - Fuck you, you car wash cunt
TBHOMGTCOF - tripping balls hey oh my god the cat's on fire
ABF - angry Batman face


Great list! LOL!

(Well, somebody had to do it.)


SRTSETISBODS- still reading this shit even though i should be outside doing something (not in response to this wonderful blog, BTW...OMG i did it myself...and again! damnit!)
YMPAO- yes my pants are on
CPWT- currently peeing whilst typing
IYTYABCBFT,PKIL5MOASO- if you think you are being clever by forwarding that, please know it's like 5 months old and SO over.
NRIALOLCMW- no really i am laughing out loud, check mah webcamz.


oh and,
Ceiling Cat can check connected computers 4 chats concerning cheezburgers.


TWWCONB -- "that's what we'll call our new band"


this isn't new, and i didn't create it, but it should be used more widespread:

WTITYB: whatever tell it to your blog

Angry Batman Face love it!! roflmao (oops...)

Krys O.

For what it's worth, when I get an email at work pertaining to business and the sender uses animated emoticons and flashing geegaws, it makes me roll on the floor laughing my ass off.

The R

Ewwww!!! Clean-up on Aisle 7!

Bud Stapler

WFMU = What Family Members Use, Where Friends Meet Up, Why Fat Men Understand


IFYSTTYPOIHS - I Fucked Your Sister That Time You Passed Out In High School



ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall ninety nine bottles of beer!, take one down pass it around ninety eight bottles of beer on the wall...

Holland Oats


dead men don't wear plaid


i know this is late...but i wanted to add one to this honorable list.

MSMSIF - meticulously sculpting my smegma into figurines.



that just gave me the inspiration for a band name...smegma dolls!

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